Never work on a hot car
Inside or out, the car needs to be cool to the touch before detailing.  If the car has been running or if itís in the sun, pull it into the shade and let it cool.
    Start with the interior
Wash your car once a week.  Even if you park in an open-air garage or carport, washing will remove surface dirt and debris.  Use quality automotive products, never household detergents or dishwashing soap.
    Wax on, wax off.
Waxes and polishes are meant to provide a barrier against the elements, but they also make the car look good.  Use them sparingly, and apply them with a dry foam pad or 100 percent cotton terry towel in a linear manner, front to rear, one panel at a time.  Any swirl marks left behind will be less noticeable.

I hate to give out this tip but... for a longer lasting and deeper shine wax your vehicle and let the wax set for about 3 hours.  Then wax it again over top the existing wax.  Then remove the wax normally.  The first coat will start to harden from the outside to the inside.  Then when you put on that second coat you are putting another coat of wax directly over the first coat which will give you a deeper shine.  You MUST keep the vehicle in the shade!!!  A garage is recommended.

    To extend the time between polishing, go over the surface lightly with a car duster to remove dust without scratching.  Quick detailing spray waxes can be used for that "show car" shine, but remember that theyíre not a substitute for regular waxing.  Generally, the easier the product is to apply and remove, the less it protects the finish.  A quality car cover is also a good idea, especially if your vehicle sits outside most of the time.
    How to clean your vehicle.
  •   Clean with soap and water.
  •   Clean the wheels before treating the tires.
  •   Donít forget to apply tire protectant to your spare tire to protect it from ozone damage.
  •   Long-handled Q-tips dipped in rubbing alcohol are an effective way to clean dirt and grime from
      hard-to-reach places, such as air vents.
  •   Use a soft toothbrush to remove wax from around emblems and from light lenses.
  •   Use 100 percent cotton terry towels to dry your car.  Any polyester fibers can cause small scratches in your finish.  A good quality chamois works well but can remove some of your waxes or polishes.
Following these steps will help your car have a professional-looking finish.
    How to aim headlights
    For older vehicles, Left headlight is straight ahead and 1-2 degrees down and the right headlight is to be 1-2 degrees down and 2-3 degrees to the right. The vehicle should be 35 feet from a wall and close to if not level.